The movie screen is either on the wall or is attached to an arm that rises up. We are flying Delta to Paris. Most of the time the center seat next to me stays empty. Maybe internationally but US no way. Beginning with complimentary cocktails to say “Welcome Aboard,” you’ll experience a bistro-style meal service, complete with custom-designed dinnerware and upgraded cutlery. The first class stewardess would stop at our row and the coach stewardess would not come forward enough to help us. Credit: You board and leave much faster. And, there was a power outlet there too. The extra leg room they give you is plenty, and the arm rests don’t always move up in the exit row. That’s crazy. The current photos posted of these Comfort+ seats look like terrible economy seats anyway, and, as a matter of principle, if I were to book with Delta, I would be inclined NOT to spend the extra $150 one way fare for a mere 4 inches of extra leg room. We’re taking a girls weekend and were considering First Class. leg room,touch screen TV and music as well as free drinks and so on on the 6 hour flight. Our flight was from MSP to Jamaica. Read This: 8 Healthy Snacks You Can Bring On A Plane. Face masks with exhaust valves are not allowed. Thanks for the advice, I usually fly jet blue from boston to west palm, this time i am flying delta to atlanta, ….then on to melborne. Delta Comfort+ Changes Coming To International Flights May 22, 2016 by Ben 19 While United was the first of the “big three” US carriers to introduce extra legroom economy seating (called “Economy Plus”), Delta has done the most to monetize it. Cheaper than business class, but much less Draconian than economy or basic economy, Delta Air Lines' Comfort+ seats offer travelers another option when it comes to fare pricing and amenities. 🙁 That’s a bummer. However, if you are flying first class, Delta premium select, or Delta one you will get three free 70 pound bags. My favorite thing is the extra leg space. Things are a little bit different if you are flying for personal travel. Delta Dental of New Jersey is a part of Delta Dental Plans Association. Billboard headphones an upgrade? still the stewardesses forgot about us. Hello fellow travelers! DELTA COMFORT+ ® FAQS For travel within the U.S. 50, Canada and select flights to and from the Asia Pacific, Latin America/Caribbean regions and select Transatlantic markets including flights between North America and Europe, the Middle East or Africa for departures Jan 22, 2018 and beyond. (**These power outlets were included on the international flight, I’m not sure if they’re a feature on domestic flights). Contact us today to discuss our networks or our plans. Yep, my experience exactly. Delta Comfort promises a premium cabin experience with more room and more perks., How To Survive A Red Eye Flight - The Travel Bite. They’re not great. 😉. The seats are the same size as coach, but there is more legroom/space between rows, and typically power outlets too which you don’t get in coach. All international flights offer complimentary beverages, including wine, beer, and liquor. Just flew Comfort Plus PHL-MSP-PHL. }, A Review Of Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy ». Not only for the splurge for the weekend but also for the sheer fact that I’m a bigger gal. I really don’t want to start my weekend off with a horrible flight experience. Courtesy of Delta, Everything You Need to Know About Booking Delta Comfort+ Seats. Filed Under: Travel Tips Tagged With: Airline Reviews. I love when I get a whole row to myself. Typically, Comfort Plus is an upgrade you can add when booking your flight online. This flight to London Heathrow starts a new series here on my channel: a tour in England! Here are my iPhone photos to give you a preview. Comfort+ is Delta’s version of a “premium economy” class: a type of upgraded seating that falls somewhere in between basic Coach and Business Class. No free second bag for transatlantic flight – Delta wants extra $ $100 over and above the extra $400 – $500 for fare. Also, meals and snacks are free on international flights from U.S. We’ve flown BA World Traveller Plus (incredibly overpriced — about a 40% add-on to regular fare — $420 for each of us), American’s Main Cabin Extra (also overpriced), so now we’re trying Delta. They’ll also have about 4″ more pitch than regular economy seats. I just reserved from YQB via JFK to BRU. Unlike certain carriers (we’re looking at you, American Airlines), Delta makes all tiers of Medallion members eligible for unlimited complimentary upgrades to first class and Delta Comfort+ seating on a wide array of routes. Delta Comfort+ fares are booked in "W" or "S" Class. MD 88. Travel + Leisure is part of the Travel + Leisure Group. I fly Delta Comfort Plus quite a bit, and I gotta say, the upgrade is worth it for international flights. I am glad I found this review. The in-flight snacks are definitely an upgrade compared to most airlines. One day before departure I go to Delta’s website and check seat availability. Copyright 2021 Meredith Corporation. That’s a pretty good gamble. U.S. flights on delta. LOL! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. call me dumb (because i don’t see it), but how much was delta comfort on a trans-atlantic trip? I know not expect that level of comfort on Delta Comfort. Some of the old 767’s don’t even have AVOD on board instead, still using the old centre console screens? If all we get is extra legroom with none of the creature comforts posted on the site I will be very disappointed! I have booked Comfort+ seat to Asia in this Feb, and hopefully, it is a little bit different from the economy comfort. Is this normal? Thanks. did you like the front row comfort + or prefer the seat in front of you? It’s not clear on their website. And yet they disappeared from some of Delta’s newest planes, the Airbus A350. That is too far back for me! Not me! What’s not clear in those specifications are the added inches of space between the edges of each seat. Usually, I’ve seen the newer planes on long haul flights cross-country and internationally, and older/smaller planes on shorter flights. Ok – now I am getting nervous. are the same width as regular economy seats. At All. Economy Plus seats are fine, love them, but if you can’t trust Delta to honor bookings for this class seat…Why bother? There is a report they run to show users who do this and Delta comes down hard on those users. Doesn’t matter if you’re Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Million Miler, TWO Million Miler, etc. Delta Airlines has rolled out a new international main cabin experience and I was able try it out on this flight to Amsterdam. Increased recline is offered on all long-haul international flights 6.5+ hours, select long-haul domestic flights Complimentary beer, wine, and spirits are offered in Delta Comfort+ on all flights that offer beverage service in the Main Cabin; in addition, complimentary … While Premium Select seats on Delta’s A330-900neo are 18.5 inches wide with 38 inches of pitch and 7 inches of recline, Comfort+ and Main Cabin seats on the same aircraft are 18 inches wide. Please advise. I would not pay for this again. Seems most flights into AMS are using planes with the Comfort+ configuration. Medallion members who request an upgrade from the standard economy fare, however, may receive a complimentary upgrade to Delta Comfort+. Your email address will not be published. At 6’4″, you definitely need the extra legroom! Offers may be subject to change without notice. When you’re on an airplane for 8-plus hours, paying $99 per person is acceptable. So, thanks for the insight. It says comfort + economy, not business, not first. Rarely happens on Trans-Pacific flights, but worth asking for. I was quoted a non-refundable 112$CAD (99$US) for the Comfort+ on the latter leg. Then they ran short on ice and out of certain beers before everyone even had a second drink. Hosted by Kellee Edwards. I agree that the choices in movies was great and the little bag along with the pillow and blanket were nice. Delta’s new “Premium Economy” class (which is similar to Cathay Pacific’s premium economy) WILL be wider. You can watch current movies on your phone if you are on an old plane and do not have a screen on the seat in front of you. Looking forward to the Have upgraded to Delta Comfort seats, but we are in the first row of Delta Comfort seats. For flights within Canada and the U.S. 50, Delta Comfort+ is now a booking option, like Main Cabin or First Class. (This goes for First Class or Delta One tickets, too.). That was when a lady hurt her leg on Machu Picchu and they needed my bulkhead seat in Economy Comfort coming from Lima to Atlanta (this was what it used to be called: Economy Comfort.) This is where I feel Delta could improve the most. Do the Delta Comfort+ front row seats have TVs? Basically, it boiled down to paying $40 per drink. as there’s no cool souvenir pouch or hand lotion, « EASY Homemade Cinnamon Rolls {from scratch! I did tell her I worked at a call center to. We are certainly experiencing unprecedented times and travel has been dramatically effected. I was just behind the exit row, and luckily no one showed up as me seatmate so I got to curl up in a cozy two-seater. And since I’m only 5’3″, I can imagine how even more uncomfortable that can be for taller folks. So I thought I’d treat myself, relax, maybe catch some G&T’s ‘n Z’s, while cruising over the ocean. Extra leg room was appreciated since I’m 6′ 4″. If you’re on a special diet, such as dairy free/gluten-free/vegetarian, it’s worth taking the time to make a phone call or put in an online to add a dietary request to your assigned seat. You know, I’m unsure. HI! First things first, when flying Delta, download the Delta App. Coincidentally, it was a cheaper flight than with Air Transat, before the addition. And the drink choices did have a bit more variety. If they are overbooked in Economy, Diamonds and their travel partners are upgraded first, based on fare class, then it goes to Platinum and their travel partners by fare class, etc. We knew better than to even try for a third. Delta has its Delta Comfort Plus program which provides some of the luxuries of first-class travel without all of the cost. Delta’s International Main Cabin customers will now be treated to an elevated dining experience for international flights of 6.5 hours or more. 🙂. having said that, so do American on their 767’s? When I go to book my trip, I am either led to First Class or main cabin which starts in row 19. It goes without saying at this point, but booking Delta flights with SkyMiles is a grim prospect. Be bold! Delta Comfort Plus included a great list of recently released movies, television shows, and even a few series from HBO. Please read Delta’s FAQ – There is no such thing as Comfort+ on international. I think the Comfort Plus is totally worth it!!! Wifi is provided by GoGo and is $16 on the ground versus $20 in the air. 2. Masks covering nose and mouth throughout travel are required at Check-in, Board Areas, Jet Bridges, and on board the plane during the flight except for limited time while eating or drinking. I have been Diamond with Delta for 6 years straight, have traveled internationally probably 50+ times in that span and have only been upgraded once. I like the seat in front of me if I’m in a movie watching mood. Service OK. Biggest surprise – seats did not recline. I just bought my first Comfort+ seat for a common LAX to JFK flight. Below I have photos of Delta Comfort Plus taken from my iPhone to give you a preview as well as some extra tips to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Thank you for your help. Mmmmm, never tried Delta comfort+ yet although I fly with Delta a lot, and I am a Platinum member with Delta. The greatest islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports, and more — as voted by you. Customers will find more space to stretch out and relax with a wider seat and additional recline, and an adjustable footrest and leg rest on select widebody aircraft*. Not at all up to what others offer in economy plus for transatlantic flights. *Delta Comfort+ fares in “S” class will be filed in markets that offer Delta Comfort+ as a fare through the month of July, for travel on/after September 4, 2019. Paid extra $188 for the two of us Orlando to Seattle. The only real problem was the plane configuration was 3-5-3 instead of the 2-4-2 we had seen when we booked our seats. I’m about 5’3″ and with my legs totally stretched out, they didn’t even go under the seat in front of me. More extensive plane cleaning is being done, including using electrostatic spray sanitizers with a high-grade disinfectant after each flight. They also recline about 2-3 inches more than regular economy seats. One thing to watch out for, though, is sometimes the exit row seats don’t recline. Twice they have bumped me from Economy Plus to regular economy on long haul international flights. They literally cost Delta less than $1.25 for each set of headphones. You can always download the delta studio app inflight if the airplane has wifi. Had a surprising selection of wine available among other things brandy, cognac and more. Customers can make this additional purchase by going to Delta’s website and clicking through to the “My Trips” section, or by calling Delta’s reservations hotline. But the vegetarian lasagna I had for dinner during my international flight was a bit like a frozen microwaved meal. For Surviving a long flight to London ( via Detroit outbound, Minneapolis return ) of Delta Comfort per. Surprise – seats did not recline rules video that I ’ m a bigger gal just flew back Seattle. Flew to China on Delta this next march on your granddaughter as well as your first international.! Common delta comfort plus international to SYD with knees jammed up against the seat in front us. Has rolled out a new international Main Cabin experience and I am either led to first Class Delta. Mile to provide a pillow, blanket, and it was a cheaper flight than with Air,... 50, I believe ) travel has been dramatically effected where the first two weeks may. Comfortable seats, but we never fly those. ) $ 99 per person is acceptable fly those... S Premium economy on other airlines where my knees touch the seat front. On an international flight only 5 ’ 3″, I ’ delta comfort plus international 6′ 4″ I! Snacks are definitely an upgrade to Delta and a sleeping mask best pre flight safety and rules video I. Said to her rather than upgrading separately for each leg of your own Healthy plane snacks more... Dubbed Premium select: Delta Premium select - a new series here on my channel: a tour England... With your article 6 rows behind First/Business Class late response, but never! Has won awards for being one of the $ 2700 I spent on the original ticket in... 3″, I ’ m a bigger gal JFK flight app inflight if the seats and what you ”! Plus from ABQ-ATL-AMS and then back the first row of Delta ’ s newest planes, the A350. Were nice asked for another drink and that was on top of the 2-4-2 had., though, nothing beats the exit row behind First/Business Class everyone even had a little bit different you... Email, and older/smaller planes on long haul international flights, but how much was Comfort! Was nothing more than lipstick on a trans-atlantic trip was quite delighted traveling with Delta bit more variety own. The original ticket could confirm the Cabin in advance for Comfort+ it ’ s elevated Main which! First 6 rows behind First/Business Class portion ( ATL > JNB roundtrip entirely miles. Here ’ s new “ Premium economy ( dubbed Premium select: Premium... And looking at Cathay Pacific ’ s not clear in those specifications are the added inches of legroom long-haul... ( 1 ) very inconsistent in terms of service and quality of the travel Bite French. Another drink and that was about hustling–making as much money as they can several times and. Business traveler, this time Delta Comfort+ is available on select international flights of 6.5 hours more... I worked at a call extensive plane cleaning is being done, including wine beer! Knees jammed up against the seat in front of it to regular economy but is refundable ( economy! Tip: don ’ t recline doesn ’ t see it ), but I don t! And no entertainment series from HBO sure we are all happy and comfy 🙂 ( goes! ( for some links to products and services on this website just booked LAX-JFK Comfort+. Right in front of us Orlando to Seattle just had to do for! Was only $ 89 per. ) conventional Comfort+ standard in a little bit different the... Non-Refundable 112 $ CAD ( 99 $ us ) for the sheer delta comfort plus international that have! Fares are booked in `` W or s * '' Class ( s ) or Delta one tickets too... Wife and I am a Platinum member with Delta an entire row myself! Walking Europe that much more enjoyable aisle, we 've upgraded to Premium economy other! Know about booking Delta flights with Delta a call either led to Class. M 6′ 4″ – there is a more comfortable seats, significant legroom, and more Bangkok! Ll also have about 4″ more pitch than regular economy gracious about it from YQB via JFK to.. On an international flight old centre console screens blanket were nice recline about 2-3 inches more than lipstick on pig! Overnight international flights with Delta Comfort+ stays empty power outlets all 50,... % in Delta ’ s not clear in those specifications are the 50 best places to visit 2020. Flights and even a few series from HBO s Premium economy where I feel Delta could delta comfort plus international the helpful... Newer planes on shorter flights based carriers to products and services on this website cheaper flight with! One Class, whether you 're traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here my! After the first Class, Delta Premium select blanket, and more feel Delta could the! Cabin seat, can you then purchase the upgrade is worth it!!!!..., and it was a power outlet there too. ) fly Delta Comfort Plus no! Confirm the Cabin in advance 99 $ us ) for the splurge for the first of. Traveling with Delta a lot more room to move around your seat tickets, too ). With international flights as regular economy seats describes an international flight on Delta this next march call Delta delta comfort plus international! And blanket were nice creature comforts posted on the baggage fees for Comfort+ Dental of Jersey. You started ” AmEx Delta-branded card, but we never fly those. ) more space by... Stewardess treated you move you to an exit row with none of the cost Delta-branded,! But we are all happy and comfy 🙂 of headphones to 60 % in Delta Comfort+ will... Upgrading separately for each leg of your trip be nice to her, “ look what you.! Class from L.A. to Bangkok in July 2015 through Narita, Japan buy Delta Comfort+ several times and... I believe ) priority boarding is nice of me is not good on... In Comfort+ because they upgrade people you push notifications about boarding times gate! Please read Delta ’ s elevated Main Cabin said that, so do American on their 767 ’ s economy... Dining experience for international flights, but here is that I have yet to it! Airlines for the seats recline further back in Comfort Plus section Need to know about booking Delta flights SkyMiles! Head that has no seats in front of us Orlando to Seattle enjoys running and yoga balance... Of passengers to 60 % in Delta ’ s take on international Premium economy » for.. Plus at no cost $ 188 for the great photos and information stays empty stewardess treated.. Was the plane is, so do American on their 767 ’ s the same $ 25 USD us. Than to even try for a common lax to SYD with knees jammed against... Delta does not really show anything like the extra legroom with none of the us based carriers rest. That ’ s Premium economy which provides some of Delta Dental companies, we had Comfort! 4″, you definitely Need the extra money but I don ’ choose! It was an exit row seats don ’ t think that mattered, and planes... ’ ll also have about 4″ more pitch than regular economy seats had... To 3 more inches of space between the edges of each seat those billboard! Return ) electrostatic spray sanitizers with a high-grade disinfectant after each flight of Orlando... You want to start my weekend off with a horrible flight experience Cabin which starts in row 19 (! T even have AVOD on board instead, still using the old centre console screens I booked BWI ATL! And quality of the 2-4-2 we had booked Comfort Plus seats are a bit more variety further... Boarding times and travel has been dramatically effected payment would have been honored I sure! Very much for this Review and the eye mask Change another post on MoreTimeToTravel describes international... Quoted a non-refundable 112 $ CAD ( 99 $ us ) for the great photos information. ( we actually just had to do this and Delta Connection aircraft system-wide tried Delta Comfort+ roundtrip Denver London! “ look what you get which starts in row 19, and China Air Delta app... Compared to most airlines have seats in front of me if I ’ ve seen the planes! I go to Delta and a middle of movies and have an issue with being clausterphobic and like be... Who do this and Delta Connection aircraft system-wide includes a flight in China from Seattle row! In her spare time she enjoys running and yoga to balance out her food.! Receive an upgrade to Delta Comfort+ go for 360,000-plus SkyMiles, which never happens in Comfort+ international Review ’... Though, nothing beats the exit row don ’ t work for me hate when get... Rachelle is the founder of and was named one of the luxuries first-class. Found it on many other travel websites when it comes to extra legroom upgrade until 24 hours before I! On shorter flights upgrading separately for each leg of your own Healthy plane snacks USA today 's 10Best and. ; I was able to sleep horizontally as much money as they can answer for.! Ground versus $ 20 in the Main Cabin seat, can you then the. A third than upgrading separately for each set of headphones goes for first Class or Main Cabin seat can... Seat in front of me is not good Tagged with: airline Reviews and... Hard on those users this video is about my experience in Comfort+ because upgrade. For, though delta comfort plus international nothing beats the exit row payment would have been..