Pyramid style packaging foam trays have extended points which help to better secure items in place. This helps to ensure that each pyramid is consistently cut to absolute precision, meaning your important items will always stay safe. Whether you have a certain item in need of protection or need a foam packaging solution for an entire line of items, we can help! Whatever item you need to be packaged, we will endeavour to provide a foam product suitable for the job. Containers. When compared to egg crate style trays, the superiority of our pyramid style trays is clear. People from all walks of life come to us seeking packaging solutions. This foam packaging shouldn’t be used for fragile items and those of high importance or value. For low-volume needs, we have dieless options using CNC machines, and are also able to produce foam routing, foam gluing, foam laminations, and skived foams. One common misconception is that custom packaging is more expensive than stock packaging, or that it requires large MOQ’s. So regardless of whether you are looking for custom die-cut foam for equipment storage or need foam packaging solutions, Country Innovation & Supply can provide you with consultative options for the perfect fit for your needs. For shipping extremely sensitive devices, we offer polyurethane foams that can be cut to any size, as well as offering convoluted foams. We’re here to help you make the best decision! Not a problem. GB Foam have been offering foam cut to size from our factory since 1976. We sell various types of foam packaging suitable for many different applications and can even create custom pieces for anything uniquely shaped. We understand that it’s not convenient to be waiting around to receive your order. Packaging for Art – Art comes in various shapes and sizes, which means you need a versatile material to package it. Get in Touch. Help prevent this by using a suitable foam packaging. Our customized packaging design can assist you with the transportation and overall product safety you need while in-transit to and from your destination (s). Packaging Consultants: Packaging Value Analysis, Industrial Packaging for General Manufacturing, Live entertainment and audio-visual packaging solution. We employ the most talented freehand foam cutters in the industry. We work with low density foams, high density foams, anti-static foams, and recycled foam, which helps you bring more eco-friendly practices to the shipping industry. For electrical equipment of high value or importance, this foam packaging is a must. We also offer foam wrap rolls, created from lightweight closed cell polyethylene foam. We offer the same level of service and delivery whether you are a retail customer ordering one piece of foam from home, or a large manufacturer ordering daily. As a leader specializing in fabricating and molding custom polyurethane foam components, we work with a variety of processes and materials to meet your unique specifications. Custom packaging solutions Custom foam packaging. This closed cell foam is incredibly durable, yet flexible. That’s why we take steps to ensure that our turnaround is as fast and efficient as possible. Anti-static foam is pink in colour. It can be easily wiped clean, is non-toxic and exhibits good thermal insulation. Launch me! Many of our customers come to us looking for packaging foam solutions. We sit on it during the day and sleep on it throughout the night. For us no job is too big or too small. Anything missing is immediately evident. This type of packaging foam can also be easily cut to house a range of items securely. Here at GB Foam, we can match some foam grades to almost any RAL or Pantone colour. Today, our services cater to more than 25 unique industries worldwide. We work with various manufacturers to help design and create custom inserts for highly sensitive component protection in … For specific and uniquely tailored custom foam packaging inserts, shop Foam Factory’s inventory of foam packaging inserts. Although, it is a great choice for items that can benefit from some added protection in storage or through general transit. In an effort to replace the less effective egg crate style foam trays, we’ve developed a specialist pyramid packaging foam tray design. Call us or email us today. We specialize in medical electronics, automotive parts, firearms, art and more. Whether you simply require packaging foam sheets or professionally routed packaging foam inserts, we can help you! Custom Foam Packaging Solutions Our custom foam packaging solutions department is the heart and soul of our facility. It can be used to create props and can even help to improve the quality of sound we perceive. We have many customers who started with us in 1976 and are still working with us today, which we like to think reflects on our vision to be the most dynamic foam converter in our industry. Luckily, we stock a wide variety of foam grades, suitable for protecting practically any item. (function(){var qs,js,q,s,d=document,gi=d.getElementById,ce=d.createElement,gt=d.getElementsByTagName,id='typef_orm',b='';if(!,id)){,'script');;js.src=b+'share.js';,'script')[0];q.parentNode.insertBefore(js,q)}id=id+'_';if(!,id)){,'link');qs.rel='stylesheet';;qs.href=b+'share-button.css';,'head')[0];s.appendChild(qs,s)}})(). It is non-toxic, has a high chemical resilience, is extremely water resistant and can be easily cut to your desired shape. If a fragile glass item is dropped, it is likely to smash and shatter into many pieces. Foam crumb is often used as a small cushion or bean bag filling to provide added levels of comfort over traditional fillings. Do you need foam packaging in black or any other color? This polyethylene foam is capable of withstanding high levels of impact due to its high shock absorption value. It can be used within flight cases, toolboxes, briefcases or even cardboard boxes. CONTACT US: … Our foam comes with a 5 year guarantee against faults in manufacture. They securely house items and help to protect them through daily activity. Custom Foam Packaging Plastifoam offers custom protective foam packaging solutions for shipping boxes, specifically designed to meet your unique protection needs. We design and custom-make foam packaging solutions that are a perfect fit for your products, keeping them safe from the shaking and impacts involved in shipping and handling. This gives us the ability to offer you a wide range of foam packaging types made to your exact preference. To protect items of value, it can be cut to unique shapes that securely hold your item of choice. GB Foam Direct offers next day delivery on orders placed Monday – Thursday before 11:00 AM. Custom Packaging. Ethafoam is non-abrasive, non-dusting, CFC free and recyclable. Custom Packaging Solutions Custom packaging refers to any packaging that is designed for a specific project, company, or product. We will be happy to advise on packaging foam suitability for your intended application. If food is being delivered, a suitable foam packaging can help to hold it in place, thus preventing it from being ruined. Very pleaseRead More.. Just what I needed. Plastazote is an odourless foam with a low water absorption rate and a high level of chemical resilience. Packaging for Glass – As we all know, glass can be a vulnerable item with a high risk of breaking. We often create custom foam trays cut to exact specifications. Our foams have intrinsic performance characteristics that are ideal for packaging and protection including: There are numerous services we are able to offer to meet all your custom foam and packaging needs. Foam is a fantastic material which offers a multitude of benefits. This helps to signify its unique attributes. Advanced Custom Foam Manufacturing & Product Development Support. Remote Product Scanning. Our foam packaging services are suitable for a multitude of different applications. 3. Bling Bling Packaging’s foam inserts are an easy and cost-effective way to protect your products against damage during transit, handling, and storage. all right reserved by GB FOAM DIRECT  |, Campervan Mattress, Cushions & VW Foam Kits, Waterproof Mattress & Pressure Relief Mattress, Plastazote Foam – Closed Cell Foam Sheets. We frequently leverage in-line processing that can eliminate costly secondary processing steps. It is a versatile foam capable of offering great levels of protection. Ultimately, they all produce the same result. Special Items – Some speciality items that are particularly important or fragile can benefit from the protection of foam. Call us on 01494 441177, send an email to or fill out our online contact form. Custom printed tape. If you’ve got fragile or unusually-shaped products that need to make it to market safely, custom foam inserts are an ideal solution. Our preferred foam option is polyethylene foam, as it is acknowledged to be the most effective material for packaging applications. For reusable applications, EVA foams provide the best solution. Our pyramid foam trays boast enhanced protection and greater durability than their egg crate style counterpart. In some cases, they also need to be well insulated. At Infinity Packaging Solutions, serving greater San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and nationwide, we provide you with a large selection of custom and stock foam inserts for shipping boxes, whether that means wine shippers or foam roll. Our GB HLB Packaging Foam Sheet is a versatile foam which can be used to protect many items through day-to-day life. turning foam materials into bespoke, protective packaging solutions . Ethafoam (also known as Stratocell foam) is an incredibly durable and flexible closed cell foam which is ideal for packaging practically any object of your choosing. It is perfect for packaging a vast number of items to protect them through transit or keep them safe in storage. Please note that these are only examples of items which can benefit from foam packaging. Available in sheets of 230cm x 200cm or 230cm x 100cm, you can cut this foam to a desired preference to protect and secure any item of your choosing. Packaging. We design your packaging systems via state of the art CAD technology along with … A piece of foam packaging could help to prevent this. Customized Solutions for Shipping. As well as high shock absorption, this foam boasts a high chemical resistance, low water absorption rate, good insulation value and is entirely odourless. Why not contact us today and speak to one of our foam experts? We like don’t like waste here at GB Foam. All the tools are in front of your operators. If you would like to know more about a specific type of foam packaging, feel free to contact a member of our team. In certain situations, we can create a run of custom foam trays for items such as tools, machine parts, and other intrinsic pieces. Consultation. They are manufactured using advanced foam cutting machinery. Our foam packaging can help to stop pieces of metal lighting damaging glass bulbs. GB Foam was established back in 1976, originally as a means to supply foam to the historically famous High Wycombe furniture trade. All our foam products are manufactured entirely within our UK based factory, adhering to strict ISO 9001 quality control specifications. We’ve devised foam packaging solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands; ranging from retail to the automotive industry. If your company is looking for Six Sigma solutions for lean manufacturing, custom die-cut foam case inserts can be a critical part of your Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing strategy. Sometimes we want our packaging foam to do more than simply protect our items. This dynamic protective custom foam packaging service combines our expertise in engineering packaging solutions with cutting edge materials technology. Foam Cutting. Due to its flexibility, foam wrap can easily conform to any shape of your choosing and even protects against water damage due to its water resistive properties. Tool Control. GB Foam Customer Survey – Here’s What You Said! 2. Plastazote is a unique type of polyethylene foam. This makes us the fastest foam supplier online in the UK. From custom design to cost-saving manufacturing and inventory management, Packaging Solutions delivers innovative, sustainable, packaging strategies that work, the first time! Find out more about them using the links below, or get in touch to find out how we can help you. Packaging for Lighting – As lighting contains both metal and glass, it is important to protect it using a suitable form of packaging. Here are 9 types of items which we think can benefit from foam packaging. Our factory is equipped with the latest in foam cutting technology. Many members of the team have worked for the company for several decades and their attention to detail and quality control is something that only comes with years of knowledge and experience. It is sometimes used within toolboxes, briefcases, cardboard boxes, and flight cases. At H. Loeb, high quality, custom foam packaging solutions are designed to ensure safe, reliable transit of sensitive components, equipment, and products. It can be easily cut using regular hand scissors and can even be reused multiple times. This polyethylene sheet foam (PE) is available in a variety of including anti-static, laminated and high or low density and as sheets, pouches or on rolls. This type of foam packaging can be used within hard cases, on industrial assembly lines, inside tool chests, inside retail packaging, display cases and far more. One of its more popular uses is protecting items. 2016 ©copyright. Custom foam inserts are ideal for the protection of high-value products and are designed for specific applications. Our foam wrap can be used to protect items from scratching, scuffing and from damage caused through impact. We meet all of your specifications, including esthetic preferences. This is simply not true when considering all of the factors that affect your bottom line. Custom manufacturer of foam, corrugated, cardboard, chipboard, clear, transparent and see-through packaging. Ceramics Packaging – Ceramics are another type of item that are vulnerable to breaking. polyethylene sheet foam is a low cost, flexible, all-purpose answer to many packaging and non-packaging challenges. Our custom foam solutions reduce packaging, labor and freight costs and provide protection from denting, scratches and breakage. Custom foam packaging solutions can protect sensitive or fragile items during shipping. Whether you’re posting items, taking them away with you or putting them into storage, foam packaging is a great way to help protect them. This foam can be used to both protect and showcase items for the retail market or for items used at promotional events. 6. If you require high volume die-cut foam packaging, we can supply it, as well as high-volume foam blocks without tooling. Along with the many effective stock containers we produce, we manufacture custom solutions with a perfect fit to provide optimal thermal insulation and moisture protection for your products. Case INserts. Whether you're looking for a tailor-made suitcase, bespoke cosmetic packaging, custom-fit side padding and foam trays or other customized foam solutions, our experts create innovative, impressive foam packaging made from polyethylene and polyurethane foam. Anti-Static Packaging Foam (Sometimes referred to as ESD Foam) is a specialist foam packaging used to protect electrical items. Certain types of items can benefit more than others from foam packaging. It can often be found used as case inserts for a vast array of items including tools, machine components, weaponry, camera equipment, various electronics, and other important items. Our Custom Engineered Products Include: Corrugated Boxes Molded Pulp Case Inserts Crates Fabricated Foam. Options for … As part of our comprehensive packaging solutions, we also provide custom die cut foam packaging. Since 1978, AFP has served discerning business leaders to protect products and minimize material and logistics costs; always caring about the environment through "reuse and recycle initiatives". It helps to dissipate electrostatic charges which can build over time and interfere with components within electronic devices. Custom is what we do! Our factory is equipped with the latest CNC cutting technology and throughout the years we have employed the most talented freehand foam cutters in the industry. Cracks, chips and even shattering can occur if a ceramic item is not sufficiently and properly packaged. For example, the item pictured below is water jet cut blue crosslink foam inside of a hinged magnetic binder box. Bespoke polystyrene and foam formed inserts add professionalism to your product’s presentation and can be designed to withstand the likely stresses put on your package as it travels through the supply chain. Custom Foam Packaging As the first US manufacturer to develop extruded polyethylene foam packaging profiles, our team has decades of experience developing custom protective packaging solutions. As such, we crumb any new offcuts of foam so that they can be repurposed. Packaging foam comes in all manner of sizes and various types. With over 25 years experience, we will provide the ideal combination of interior foam packaging and custom boxes for your unique product and application. Food Packaging – Certain pieces of food can also benefit from foam packaging. Our Plastazote foam has good thermal insulation and high impact threshold to help assure this. It is an exceptionally strong foam which is impervious to bacteria and mildew. If you have been looking for packaging with foam inserts the best place where you can find all types of custom foam packaging inserts in Canada the best place to visit is icustomboxes. Practically any item is better off with the protection that foam offers. Custom packaging inserts can be created from physical examples, prototypes or CAD drawings. We offer both soft and rigid foam for lightweight cushioning efficiency, cleanliness, and workability. Variety Of Things Available With Us This is especially the case for fragile, valuable, highly important or irreplaceable items. Products including cartons, hangtags, trays, clamshells, blister and header cards, sleeves, foams, set-up and turned edge boxes, shipping containers and POP displays are available. Custom Foam Our team of experts are standing by to custom tailor a packaging solution that is unique to your product. Excellent product and great service will definitelRead More.. Our GB HLB Packaging Foam Sheets have a high load bearing capacity and provides optimum protection in packaging applications. Our fleet goes out on a daily basis, delivering consistent quality and accurate order fulfillment to keep your costs low and your operations humming. Manufacturing Capabilities. Read on to see how our packaging foam services can benefit you. From bespoke foam inserts for one-off items to packaging for retail purposes, we can help you to find the very best packaging foam for the job. Our team work to the ISO 9001 quality standards to guarantee only the best, All orders placed before 11:00am will be despatched for next working day delivery. People from all walks of life come to us seeking packaging solutions. A sturdy and reliable closed cell foam manufactured by Zotefoam. 1-800-632-8933. We also have high quality low abrasive foams for case applications. Rely on Master Packaging for Plastic Strapping, Stretch Wrapping Equip and Custom Packaging Solutions . Want to know more about how our foam packaging can benefit you? If you would like to know more about which types of our foam packaging can be colour matched, please contact a member of our team. Design. We’ve previously helped to create coloured packaging foam for several prolific brands. Packaging Solutions . We have all kids of foam inserts to help you deliver your goods in a secure manner. Since the mid-1980s we have continuously grown and improved our ability to produce custom foam packaging inserts to suit the needs of thousands … In certain situations, your foam packaging can benefit from standing out. We’ve been in the foam industry for more than 40 years! Our entire range of foam exceed UK safety and flammability standards. Offered in different features. Whether a large corporate OEM that knows what packaging is required or a single customer unsure of what packaging they may need, our engineering team with clients to determine the best layout, design and case to protect your products … Our custom foam solutions reduce packaging, labor and freight costs and provide protection from denting, scratches and breakage. Our foam packaging services are suitable for a multitude of different applications. Medical Supplies Packaging – Certain types of medical items require extra protection when being moved or shipped. Imagine a world where your production tools are organized! Get in touch. 5. We design and custom-make foam packaging solutions that are a perfect fit for your products, keeping them safe from the shaking and impacts involved in shipping and handling. Call 01494 441177, email or fill out our contact form to get in touch. As such, it can sometimes be difficult to know which type of foam packaging is right for you. We supply automotive EVA foams, military EVA foams, and high density EVA foams in many colors and grades. It has a high impact threshold which makes it ideal for protecting many items of significance. Below you will find all the unique types of packaging foam we offer. We source the very best foam materials from the world’s leading manufacturers to bring our customers the most effective and versatile selection online. 9. 7. 8. Heavy appliances can become scratched, dented or even break when being moved. 4. The specifications of this polyethylene sheet foam packaging product can be engineered to suit your unique needs. From bespoke foam inserts for one-off items to packaging for retail purposes, we can help you to find the very best packaging foam for the job.