2018 South African Mint Silver Krugerrand Bullion Coin Images. The limited edition coin was a huge success, resulting in the South African government granting the Rand Refinery permission to produce bullion and proof versions of the Krugerrand in silver in 2018 and again in 2019. The 99.9% fine silver Krugerrand coin features the same design as the original gold Krugerrand. SD Bullion 10 x 18 Magnification Coin Loupe Due to the popularity of this release, they have now issued a bullion version to compete with the other main silver bullion coins. £27.48 (Inc. VAT) £22.90 ... We do need to pass on the cost of this insurance as it soon adds up shipping high value gold and silver products. To celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2017, the South African Mint introduced 1 oz Silver Krugerrands in both Uncirculated and Proof finishes. Uncertified (453) PCGS (91) NGC (111) ANACS (2) Sellers. Multiples of 25 will be delivered in tubes, with orders of 500 coins in Monster boxes. We utilize USPS, UPS and FedEx to ship packages. R 1 295 - 2018 Krugerrand 1oz Fine - Silver Proof DUE TO MARKET FLUCTUATIONS THE SOUTH AFRICAN MINT CANNOT GUARANTEE THE PRICE ADVERTISED. World class products, the best bullion prices, with industry-top customer service. This 2018 coin has repeated the trick after the edition limit was surprisingly kept at 15,000 coins. It is the first ever bullion silver Krugerrand release that is aimed squarely at silver investors rather than collectors. 1 Rand (2018-) Gold bullion. SD Depository also offers locations in New York, Florida, California and the Cayman Islands. ... Price. You will probably recall that last year for the 50th Anniversary of the South African Mint, they delighted precious metals investors and collectors with a Premium Uncircluated Silver Krugerrand coin for the first time ever. order, please give us a call. In keeping with the ideals of the original Krugerrand, the South African Mint has developed a 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin as a means of reliable and attainable investment in the Krugerrand. It contains one ounce of fine silver (31.103 grams). 28.56 GBP 4175 Silver Krugerrand (Silver Coins) 31.228. The 2017 edition was Premium Uncirculated, and it was followed in 2018 with the first ever bullion Silver Krugerrand. The following, is a brief history of the Krugerrand story from the discovery of gold in South Africa over 130 years ago, to the minting of the first gold Krugerrand in 1967, and now to the first ever Silver Krugerrand bullion coin which launched in 2018. You can now sell your South African Krugerrand - 1 Troy Oz .999 Silver to us, at a price of $28.63 each! The Doc believes in doing business the old-fashioned way. 1st-ever issue of a BU Silver Krugerrand coin! On the 50 th anniversary of the original production of the Krugerrand in 2018, a platinum version of the coin was minted as a proof collectible. Your metals will be well protected in a highly secure vault and fully segregated so your metals will never be co-mingled with other customer's metals. Any order under $99 is a flat rate $9.95. MCM, the official North American distributor for the first-ever Silver Krugerrand, is excited to announce that the Silver Krugerrand will be available for purchase on March 13th! The most popular article we’ve ever run, the news that in 2017, after half a century, the South African Mint was releasing a silver bullion Krugerrand, was met with universal approval from stackers and collectors alike. Please note, storing metals at these locations may be offered at separate pricing.