The audit was initiated in response to federal authorities identifying a number of individuals who were trying to “game the system” of admissions at colleges and universities nationwide. Fall 2020 UC has temporarily suspended the letter grade requirement for A-G courses completed in spring 2020 for both prospective and admitted students. Whether you're applying to UC as an online or a campus student, undergrad or graduate, we're here to help you through the admission process. The UC admitted around 119,000 freshmen, about a 10% increase from the 2019 admissions cycle, and around 30,400 transfer students, about a 6% increase from 2019. Check out the videos below for tips to navigate the application process. The admission rate for out-of-state applicants jumped from 44% to 64% in 2020. UC Admissions. Application Extended. Today the University of California announced additional steps to strengthen and protect the integrity of its admissions practices and procedures systemwide, following the completion of a second self-initiated internal audit. GPA is defined as a student's grade point average in the "a-g" subjects. Campus internal audit departments will initiate separate audit reports with a list of corrective actions by March 2020. Using a process called comprehensive review, we look at how hard you've worked to take advantage of the opportunities you've had to excel at school, in your favorite extracurricular activities and in your community. Gov. Data for several colleges on a campus are grouped together, which masks the differences in the degree of competition for admission among them. Following its recent report regarding UC admissions, the Office of the State Auditor released preliminary information about an alleged breach of process by Regent Richard Blum. Join the discussion and tell us your opinion. In accordance with Regents Policy 1112, the Complaint Resolution Officer has a straightforward preliminary assessment to make regarding the plausibility of the allegations, the likelihood of a violation if an allegation is substantiated, and a linkage to a Regent's official duties. Subscribe . We are acting to keep our students safe and offering support within our community to all students during this time. While this process moves forward, my UC colleagues and I will work to address the overarching issues raised in the Auditor’s report, and we will continue to review our policies to ensure full and fair opportunity for all UC applicants. 8 Comments. UC statement on Gov. Copyright © The Regents of the University of California, This year’s resolutions can be different. As the preeminent public higher education institution, UC holds itself to the highest standards, and intends for these actions to protect the integrity of admissions at all nine of its undergraduate campuses, now and in the future. Building upon that initial foundation, as part of a two-audit plan by ECAS, the second audit commenced months later and focused on the effectiveness of admissions controls for the following areas: documentation procedures, application verification, Special Talent Admissions, Admissions by Exception (A by E), access to admissions IT systems, student-athlete participation, and admissions appeal processes. Some campuses and colleges admit students directly into individual majors, and the degree of competition among majors may vary widely. While we believe the UC admissions process works well and has significant and effective controls in place, we accept all of the ECAS recommendations so we can continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards. Nov. 24, 2020 update to May 21, 2020 release: Subsequent events have changed how the University of California will evaluate applications for Fall 2021 admissions. Out-of-state and international admission rates at Irvine remain substantially higher than the admission rate for California residents (64% and 44% vs 23%) and non-residents now represent 44% of total admits. The University of California acted last night (March 31) to implement temporary measures which relax undergraduate admissions requirements for students looking to enroll at UC for fall 2020 and future years as applicable. ECAS will work closely with campuses and their respective admissions processes, per local Academic Senate policies and priorities, to ensure appropriate implementation of systemwide and local recommendations. Admission offers to California freshmen increased by 8,288 (up 12 percent compared to last year), with the admission rate rising to 70 percent (up by 9 percentage points). “We are committed to ensuring a level playing field for all applicants,” said President Janet Napolitano, noting UC will accept all the recommendations. Email Address . And if you’re well-prepared, you can even get a guaranteed place at some of our campuses. Prospective graduate and professional students should check out our rankings to see what a powerhouse UC … To help alleviate these pressures, UC administration has suspended the letter grade requirement for A-G classes completed in the winter, spring and summer of 2020 … UC Application submission period for fall 2021 admission and scholarships at *Due to the technical difficulties that many were experiencing on Nov. 29, the deadline for the UC application has been extended to 11:59 pm PST, Friday, Dec. 4. Updated November 3, 2020: UC San Diego will not consider SAT or ACT test scores as a factor in admissions decisions for Fall 2021. Students flock to the UCs because of the high rankings and academic quality. We make sure that California community college students are first in line for admissions. To maintain the independence of all stages of the ongoing review under Regents Policy 1112, the Board will reserve further comment pending the determinations of the CRO. UC Berkeley led all campuses in boosting admission offers to underrepresented minorities, accepting the largest number of Black and Latino students in … For students admitted for fall 2021: Final, official transcripts must be sent to the campus admissions office. 9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0021, La Jolla, CA 92093-0021 (858) 534-4831 Facebook Admission to the UC schools is competitive, and for good reason. In the 2020 US News & World Report rankings, UCLA and UC Berkeley came in first and second respectively in the list of best public schools. The University’s dedication to excellence demands nothing less.”. This is only a message indicating that the application is not verified by the college. Persons who will be writing WASSCE this year (AWAITING 2020 WASSCE RESULTS) can also apply. Office of Undergraduate Admissions Attn: Official Documents 260 Aldrich Hall Irvine, CA 92697-1075 949-824-6703 | Contact Us Enrollment Management - University of California Irvine Information summary (pdf): a description by volume of applications, campus and more. Sallyreply. Freshman Admission. Demonstration of English proficiency is still required for international students, please visit our webpage to learn more. A-G courses completed in spring 2020 with Pass (P) or Credit (CR) grades will satisfy appropriate A-G requirements. Information summary (pdf) Table 1.1: Freshman admissions by campus and residency (pdf) Table 1.2: Transfer admissions by campus and residency (pdf) Table 2.1: California freshman admissions by campus and ethnicity (pdf) Table 2.2: California community college transfers by campus and ethnicity (pdf) These data are released at points in time during the current admissions cycle. Will UC San Diego let students defer for a year? As I have previously stated, the UC Board of Regents takes such matters very seriously, and any violations will be promptly and appropriately addressed. President Napolitano has asked UC chancellors to develop campus-specific plans for immediately implementing recommendations. First, the allegation will be reviewed by a Complaint Resolution Officer (CRO) retained by the Board, but operating independently. After submitting applications, it will show as “Approval Pending”. You can apply to as many UC campuses as you like with just one application, and each campus will receive your application and official test scores. Applicants for fall 2021 admission can start working on the UC application as early as August 1, 2020, and must submit the application November 1-30, 2020. For transfer students, the university has relaxed the cap on Pass/No Pass courses eligible for transfer to enter UC as a junior.