Just drop us a comment below, we love to hear from you. What we can say very clearly that the Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Product is a fantastic offering. But that also means the Premium product is a very high quality offering to try and set it apart from the cheaper economy product. What is it like compared to other Premium experiences? Although, premium economy there might be the same as business class here? Its aircraft have a three-cabin configuration: Upper Class (Business Class), Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. There is a bar snack of sour cream pretzels from a well-known global brand. Hugely variable pricing can mean excellent value or a pretty overpriced product. From the main menus, it is possible to filter into numerous sub-categories by genre. We never like to rag on any service personnel as long as they are trying their best. Mid-flight staff serve mini-ice creams and peppered steak pasties which both have fine flavour. Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy a330 Entertainment and Amenities. We discuss whether it’s worth upgrading from Premium Economy to Business, particularly if you are flying on an unrefurbished plane. The Virgin Website is a fairly well-polished site and we had no problem booking at any point and this is for a pretty complicated Multi-stop booking. The blanket is black with brown trim, and this is constructed from the thinner fleece-style material that is becoming popular amongst many global airlines. The booking system had no issue with this and came back with a great price for economy, Just before confirmation it offered us the upgrade £250 for all flights. Here we had our own dedicated boarding desk and basically walked straight onto the plane. A big thumbs up here from us! If you don’t have bags, being able to use the Virgin Atlantic mobile app to download a boarding pass is even better. Read traveller reviews and opinions for Airlines and Airports worldwide, airline lounges and airline Seats. View details, » Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport is the first airport in Europe to receive the COVID-19 Airport Rating. Virgin does not give any amenity pack (eye mask and suchlike) on daytime flights, and in consideration of the time difference (it is 0245am in Seattle at the time of departure), this seems somewhat thrifty given many customers do catch some sleep before a sociable lunchtime arrival for the day ahead. The pillow is white and has a white cotton cover with a small cut out to fit more ergonomically around the neck. We had had two drink services plus wine and a liqueur so it’s not like we’re starved of alcohol but after a gap of around two hours we were ready for another and out personal crew were nowhere to be seen. The content is reasonably interesting and obviously gives an excellent overview of the system content. In de 747-400 vlieg ik van Londen naar Orlando wat een lange vlucht is maar er net een nieuw entertainment systeem ingebouwd: Zo'n 40 bioscoopfilms, 60 TV series, Nieuws headlines die tijdens de vlucht wordt ge-update en de mogelijkheid om te bellen, e-mailen, internetten met je eigen smartphone! this was unfortunate timing, nothing more. The Touch screens on the 787 were also really fantastic and were actually responsive and easy to use, a rare thing for Aircraft touch screens! While I managed to run off a single 40MB on this 9-hour flight, this was achieved by disabling any auto updates/uploads on my phone and only using the service for messaging and a very small number of emails. Virgin Atlantic Economy Review – Check in. There is other mainstream programming with a handful of episodes and varied range factual, sport and kids’ options. Given the flight length, one cannot grumble at all about the quantity of food available, and based on this experience, don’t expect to go hungry or thirsty in the Premium cabin. Virgin Atlantic and Delta’s London Heathrow flights depart from terminal 3, an ugly mazelike jumble of a … Tea and coffee are served from a cart, and this is nicely enhanced with a large china mug. You can… Read More. I arrived at Terminal E at Boston Logan International airport and flew right by the long lines for Economy class and went right to the check in counters for Premium Economy.Out of curiosity I asked about an upgrade to Upper Class which turned out to be $1200 for the flight, more than my entire ticket. Delta and Virgin Atla… Did you enjoy your experience? As we see below we happily took this option especially considering the 2-night flights we had to take! Here there is a selection of drinks (non-Alcoholic) and snacks for you to help yourself too during the flight. But when prices are £600+ it would feel an awful lot of money compared to the current Economy product! The Seats are also a Significant upgrade. As we said this is all very personal. Call buttons unanswered. You know what it feels like schlepping into economy — like you’re in grade school, being shuffled into a que one-by-one to board an overcrowded bus with zero personal space and extra germs. For some, the thought of “slumming it” back in economy is horrifying for other, like us we really rate the Virgin Economy Product so an upgrade is a luxury rather than an essential. There is the usual tax-free sales brochure for those customers wanting inflight shopping. We have been on the other end and know what a hard thankless job they are doing. Before arrival, there is an afternoon tea style service with a trio of finger sandwiches, petit four cakes and a plain scone with jam and real Cornish clotted cream which is a nice taste of home before arriving into Seattle. Well, we would have if the TSA had not preselected Kate for additional Checks…No level of service can get you past the TSA if their random computer falls on you. Immigration processing is quick today, and bags begin to arrive shortly after this. Kualoa Ranch Reviews – Is the Kualoa Ranch Worth a Visit? A handbag, rucksack or laptop bag is permitted in addition to the above. Overall, very happy with this Premium Economy experience and Virgin Atlantic has struck a fine balance between Business and Economy Class for the product and service offer.